Following on from our last two posts with Dean and Robbie, it’s now the turn of Will Welch to give us his thoughts on his fight at GP UK, where he made his debut.

Both fighters were consistently active mixing up their striking, grappling and wrestling skills throughout. However in the third round, Will took his opportunity and finished his opponent with a deep rear naked choke to take the win.

He had this to say about his first taste of action and victory on the night…

Congratulations on the submission victory Will, how do you think your debut went as a whole?

“I think the fight went really well, I won via sub so I couldn’t really say it was a bad fight really. I felt composed and ready throughout the duration, I know I made a few mistakes to which I nearly paid for but I’ll sit down with my coaches and go through those so I can put them right in training”

Give us your thoughts on being a debutant on the night, what was going through your mind?

“In an MMA fight almost everything is unexpected. Waiting to be announced and then being told to go back to the changing room because the previous fighter had broken their wrist was difficult as I was raring to go and had psyched myself up for it. Overall the experience was incredible and you can see by my reaction at the end, winning felt so damn good”

What’s next for you?

“Well as I said last time I’ll be staying in shape, staying lean and training hard. I’ll sit down with my coaches regarding the fight and put all that knowledge into training”

Great fight Will and well done on picking up your first victory, the spotlight is yours now to thank whoever you want to.

“Cheers Dan. I had a great corner so first – huge thanks to Carl, Matt, Si and Amy for everything they did for me throughout the day and during the fight. On a last note another massive thank you to all my friends that traveled down to watch me, you guys made a huge difference vocally and I’ll see you all at the next one…. ready to perform for you all again”




Will victorious via Rear Naked Choke in the third round











We now move towards our BJJ competitors who are competing in their respective classes at Grapple Nation. Look out for a preview of our competitors within the next few days.