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Private Lessons

One to One Coaching Sessions

Personal one to one coaching is the ultimate way to make progress in leaps and bounds. Working with the coaches here at 12 Gauge MMA on a one to one basis, they will design your session specifically around your goals and needs.

This coaching is suitable for all levels of individuals from beginners to advanced and from the unfit to the super fit. What ever your goals one to one coaching will deliver!

Whether you choose to work directly with our head coach or with one of other highly skilled coaches, you will not be disappointed. Fill in your name and email below, followed by our quick enquiry form to allow us to best serve you and your needs and you will be on your way to starting your martial arts journey with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 12 Gauge family and working with you to achieve your success!

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Hear what our students have to say

12 Gauge MMA is a unique Mixed Martial Arts Centre welcoming everyone who walks through the door whether younger, older, male or female, fighter or hobbyist everyone benefits from world class MMA training taught by the Legendary 12 Gauge himself. The great comradeship amongst students is second to none in any gym I've trained in around the country everyone mucks in to help beginners get the basics and fighters train for fights. I'm proud to call myself a 12 Gauge MMA Team member.


I've been involved in the Martial Arts world for over 25 years and coached for half of those. During that time I've trained with very few coaches that are as willing to share their knowledge and experience as Matt Thorpe is. He is a true expert in his field and always strives to deepen his understanding. In the years I've known Matt he has always shown an ability to involve the latest ideas and cutting edge coaching techniques. He produces great fighters with his approach. I regularly invite Matt to teach at my gym and have no hesitation in recommending training with him and at his gym - 12 Gauge. I have sent several of my competitive fighters to train at 12 Gauge with great success and will continue to do so. 12 Gauge is proving to be a formidable force in the MMA world and Matt '12 Gauge' Thorpe is the engine driving it forward.


I first met Matt in 1999 and have watched him develop and evolve over the last 10+ years from martial arts student, to amateur level fighter, professional fighter and beyond. After his retirement from competion in 2010, Matt focused on coaching a new generation of warriors and started up 12 Gauge MMA. I still get down there from time to time. Matt is an incredible coach. First of all he is a real student of MMA. He still studies videos, books, articles, anything.. just to pick up the new techniques and ideas. Secondly, he has a very calm persona, which means he teaches in a very relaxed manner. This gives his students a great atmosphere to learn in and creates the time for Matt to focus on the fine details of the techniques he is teaching. With years of fighting and coaching behind him, Matt is an ideal person to gravitate to if you want to learn every aspect of MMA. From keen beginner through to seasoned professional, you will learn something from Matt. I know I still do!