Adult Classes

Suitable for older teens and above

All our martial arts programs are designed carefully by our coaches to ensure you get the best possible coaching and instruction.

What ever martial arts program you choose they are suitable for everybody. Here are just a few benefits you can expect to get through training martial arts:

+ Effective self defence + Loose fat + Build strength and fitness

+ Gain confidence + Reduce stress + Compete

+ Make new friends + Have fun

You may ask what makes our martial arts programs different? We are confident in telling you we are the best at what we do and have the experience to deliver time and time again. We genuinely care about the progression of our students and we strive to ensure you are the best that you can be.

Here are just some of the reasons we are the best:

– World class coaches: All our coaches have years of martial arts training under there belt and have competed at the highest levels

– Top Facility: We have one of the best facilities in Manchester with over 2000 sqft matted space, octagon and ring plus much more…

– Awesome Students: Our students are what make the academy. Everyone is friendly with no egos and all are there to help each other learn. A true family experience.

– Our Timetable: Our timetable has been created so there are many different options open to you. We have beginner sessions in all our programs plus daytime classes aswell.

When starting any or all of our programs you will begin with our introduction classes and then follow a structured path to ensure you progress to a high standard. Check out the programs we have to offer:

MMA Program

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a devastating blend of striking arts such as Boxing, Thai-Boxing and Kickboxing. Wrestling arts such as Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Grappling arts such as Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Catch Wrestling and Submission Wrestling.

Our MMA programs are designed with you in mind. Any one from any walk of life can start and progress with confidence throughout the system. We have specific introduction/beginner sessions for those completely new to MMA.

MMA can be taken up by anyone and is not just a competition sport. We strive to make sure all our programs are taught in a friendly safe environment and you can be sure of world class instruction.

Kickboxing Program

Kickboxing is a devastating striking art that combines punches, kicks, knees and elbows all into one style.Our kickboxing program teaches all strikes in a structured safe environment following a syllabus designed to ensure you develop in a set system.

Each session will help build fitness, and have fun whilst learning a super effective martial art. Following our program you can be sure you are on the correct path to gaining your black belt and beyond.

Just like all the programs we offer we cater for complete novice right through to advanced athlete. You can be sure we have something for you no matter what your level.

BJJ Program

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is a ground fighting martial art designed to control your opponent on the floor whilst attacking for joint locks, cranks and chokes. Our program combines both gi (uniform) and no-gi (shorts and tee) sessions to ensure you get the best of both worlds when learning to grapple.

Our BJJ and Grappling program follows a structured syllabus to ensure that all students progress, helping them achieve there goals. This program has been pressure tested at the highest levels so that you can be sure you are receiving cutting edge training of the highest degree.

We cater for all levels and have sessions to suit all from complete novice right through to advanced athlete.


Here's what our members have to say

Started for general fitness and now I have become to love kickboxing and BJJ , great way to keep fit whilst learning something new, great place with fantastic coaching from Matt who is very welcoming and a true experienced professional, highly recommended


I first met Matt in 1999 and have watched him develop and evolve over the last 10+ years from martial arts student, to amateur level fighter, professional fighter and beyond. After his retirement from competion in 2010, Matt focused on coaching a new generation of warriors and started up 12 Gauge MMA.

I still get down there from time to time. Matt is an incredible coach. First of all he is a real student of MMA. He still studies videos, books, articles, anything.. just to pick up the new techniques and ideas. Secondly, he has a very calm persona, which means he teaches in a very relaxed manner. This gives his students a great atmosphere to learn in and creates the time for Matt to focus on the fine details of the techniques he is teaching.

With years of fighting and coaching behind him, Matt is an ideal person to gravitate to if you want to learn every aspect of MMA. From keen beginner through to seasoned professional, you will learn something from Matt. I know I still do!


Our son loves coming to mini warriors he enjoys it alot and is getting a lot of strength from it we always wanted him to learn martial arts and protect himself as he grows up and this is teaching him that. The coaches are great with the kids and there is a friendly atmosphere fab place highly recommend!


The only MMA experience I'd had prior to signing up at 12 Gauge was wrestling in our flat.. But when the plaster started falling off the walls we knew we had to join somewhere. I'm so glad we picked 12 Gauge.. you keep fit whilst continuously learning new skills and the trainers are brilliant.

Dan is great in the intro sessions and really helped build my confidence! Matt is awesome and really knows his stuff and Simon gives the hardest warm up I've ever come across, but I love it! And I know Amy is great in the childrens classes too. All the coaches are very professional, but they make the classes so fun to participate in. Would recommend to anyone!