May Timetable

Hey ,


Hope your well :)


Great news with the easing of restrictions from Monday 17th May we are now allowed to re-open our adult classes.


We have a few restrictions we will have to follow:


1. If feeling unwell please do not attend class

2. Please sanitise hands upon entering the facility and anytime you leave the mats

3. You will be put in bubbles of 6 on the mats, please stay in this bubble whilst training

4. Please wear a mask in. moon areas of the mill

5. Please arrive only 5 minutes before class to avoid any congregation

6. Changing rooms can be used but please don’t spend any longer than necessary in there


All classes will be returning including Kickboxing, BJJ and MMA. I have attached the new timetable for you to all have a look at :)

For those in the 6pm fundamentals class please drop me a message for advice on which session to move into. If you would like to try grappling then please feel free to attend Monday 6pm and I can speak to you there :)

As always any questions please just give me a shout.





Road Map Plan 



We now have a road map ready to re-open and we cant wait to see everyone :)


We will be back open from 12th April !!!


I have attached the basic roadmap we will be following to come out of lockdown and get ourselves back on the mats. Everyone will still have the same class slots from December before the January Lockdown.


We are being flexible with the plans to allow for any changes that come in to play and we will keep you informed along the way.


We will announce at each stage what will be changing on the timetable as we are allowed to add more and more classes :)


Have a look at the road map, and if you have any questions please do give us a shout :)


See you all soon





January Plan 

Hey everyone,

First off let me wish everyone a happy new year, 2020 was a difficult one for many but I am super proud of how everyone has stayed motivated and continued pushing forward :) Well done all !

Also let me thank everyone for there support during 2020 and the continued support, it has meant we have been able to keep the academy open and we are forever grateful :) 

2021 has started with a difficult period but I am sure we are on the road to being able to get back to doing what we all lover and cherish over the coming weeks :) stay positive everyone.

So onto our plans to start January off. With being placed in Tier 4 restrictions we will be unable to open the academy on Monday 4th January as planned. We will switch to our online timetable which I have attached for everyone. 

The classes will run via Zoom and Facebook live streaming group. The links for Zoom are sent out on the day via our whatsAPP groups. If you need adding to these groups please just give me a shout.

I will be reviewing every week when we can re-open and as soon as I have any news I will let everyone know :) I have some great plans for our classes when we re-open and will let everyone know as soon as I can.

If you, yourself are struggling due to the Covid-19 outbreak as I understand it has effected many people in different ways then please contact us and I can arrange a membership freeze during this period :) 

Let’s start January with a bang, all-be it a slightly different one than usual. Getting ourselves ready to hit the rest of the year strong !

As always any questions just give us a shout.





Hey everybody,

Hope you are well all well 😊

Just wanted to touch base with some restriction updates. With the introduction of the rule of 6 from 15th September. 

Organised secure sport is still all good 😊 we just have to tighten up with the spectator groups to ensure we are following all guidance which will allow us to keep delivering the awesome sessions. 

Can parents please drop off and pick up at the entrance and exits of the academy. Where possible please can parents wait in cars. 

For Tiny Warriors as it is a parent and me class there will be no spectators needed so won’t effect anything. For Mini Warriors if needed one parent can stay in the academy, where possible if you can wait in your car that would save numbers in the seating area.

For Junior Warriors please can parents wait in their cars, for those that need a parent attending there will be limited seating available. And there is a large open space in front of our unit where you would also be able to wait.

Please avoid grouping together in the seating area and keep with the distancing guidance. 

I understand this is a little annoying and we are getting fatigued with restrictions. My priority is providing an awesome session for all our members 😊

Any questions just give us a shout.



12 Gauge MMA Head Coach 



Hey everyone,


Hope you are all well we are now on to the next phase of our re-opening the academy :)


For those that had frozen memberships we are now offering out the spaces we have available. We have very limited spaces available and we will be working on a first come first served basis.


We currently have spaces in our Tiny Warriors (2-4 year old parent and me):

Sunday: 10-10.30am


We currently have spaces in our Mini Warriors (4-6 year old program):

Sunday: 10.45-11.25am


We currently have spaces in the following Junior Warrior sessions:

Monday: 5-5.45pm

Tuesday: 5-5.45pm or 6-6.45pm

Thursday: 6-6.45pm


To secure your place just drop us a message and we can arrange re-starting your membership and get your Junior Warrior back on the mats :)


As regards membership we will now be a members only gym and no longer be able to cater for drop in session rates. With the restricted class sizes and guidelines for booked slots unfortunately pay per session classes are just not viable. We will be doing twice a week memberships to start with, as more opens up we will be offering more membership options.


We take the safety and happiness of our members extremely seriously and we are happy to announce the new measures we have introduced to ensure we are Covid secure ??


– The first and most obvious measure is please don’t attend class if unwell. If you have any of the following symptoms please do not attend:

Loss of taste or smell


Consistent cough

Flu like symptoms


– Each member will have there own training station to train at ?? please ensure you have your own boxing gloves, equipment will no longer be loaned out. Let us know if you need some and we can order some in for you.


– One way system – Members will now be asked to enter through the main entrance on the 3rd floor and we will ask them to exit via the side exit a little further up the corridor.


– We would like to reduce spectators where possible for the time being. For the adult sessions there will be no spectators allowed at all. For Juniors we ask for one parent only and if possible to drop off and pick up, we will cater for those that are vulnerable or need a parent attending (please just speak to us to arrange for this we will happily help) Mini Warriors we feel the children are a little young to be left so seating will be provided and we will have spaced appropriately


– Increased cleaning regime within our academy including touchless disinfection


– Covid Risk assessments have been carried out


– Hand sanitiser stations have been set up at the entrance, exit and at the entrance of each Mat. We will ask all members to hand sanitise before stepping on the mat to train.


– Members please only bring what is necessary for the lesson


– If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or outside to avoid any one congregating in the academy


– Please turn up already dressed for the lesson the changing rooms will not be used for the time being


– Please use the toilet before arriving at the academy. Toilets are still open at the facility but we would like to minimise their use for now. When using the toilet footwear must be worn and hands sanitised before returning to the mat.


– Please observe current social distancing (parents to monitor minors)


– Please wait outside until called forward by your instructor


– Minimise movement around the Academy/site (if unsure, ask the instructor)


– Wash hands prior to attending the Academy


– Please If asked to clean hands then ensure you do so, parents to ensure minors clean suitably


– Observe all information posters


– Any one showing signs of a constant cough or sneezing will be asked to go home and rest up


As always as the guidelines change over time we will be constantly assessing these measures and making any adjustments needed to ensure you all get the best possible academy to train at ??


Please remember this is part of our phased return to training and we will be working towards returning all of our normal sessions as we move along. We will keep assessing and adapting the timetable as needed to help support your training ??


We cant wait to get back to doing what we all love and whacking some bags and getting a sweat on!



Any questions just give us a shout and we will be happy to help.




Matt Thorpe

12 Gauge MMA Head Coach