Following on from our previous post, Saturday 4th April takes Team 12 Gauge up to Stoke-on-Trent for GP UK – Night of the Gladiators. Three of our fight team are competing on the night – Robbie Nicholson, Dean Williams and Will Welch.


I caught up with Robbie this week as he goes through his thoughts, his preparation and what he plans to do come fight time…


Thanks for your time Robbie, so you’re appearing in a Lightweight matchup at GP UK. Can you give me your thoughts on the run up to fight night?

“No worries. Honestly I just can’t wait to get in there and fight. I have never felt on top of my game more than I do right now and I’m so excited to put everything I’ve got to the test at competition level.”

You lost via submission in your last matchup, what have you changed in training and what are you looking to expect when you step foot in the cage?

“I know where I’ve faltered in my past outings and I believe now that I am in the right state of mind to perform like I know I can. I’m not sure what to expect from my next fight, of course my opponent looks capable but I’m not particulary focused on what his plans are. I know what I want to do and even if I’m forced into any position you can guarantee I’ll adapt. I’m confident and comfortable in every area of my game.”

What are your plans for your future journey within MMA?

“As it’s Easter Sunday the following day I will probably be going overboard on the chocolate and gaining a bit of ‘holiday weight’ in turn. But I’m so motivated and engrossed in my training I see myself straight back in the gym the following week working towards whenever my next fight will be – which I plan to be in the near future”

Cheers for answering a few questions Robbie. Lastly anyone you’d like to thank?

“As always my coaches – Matt, Simon and Carl and my teammates for getting me to the level I’m at today.




Thanks to Robbie for taking the time out of his training to talk to me about his upcoming fight. Tickets still available from Matt Thorpe at 12 Gauge MMA’s reception.