Saturday 4th April saw 12 Gauge MMA head to GP UK: Night Of The Gladiators in Stoke-on-Trent. One of our fighters on the night was Robbie Nicholson fighting in a 68kg catchweight bout against Michael Hughes. A three round war ensued with both fighters landing good shots all round alongside some strong grappling and wrestling.



GPUK Robbie2

Michael Hughes vs Robbie Williams











Robbie ultimately came away with the split decision win on the night. I caught up with him and gained some thoughts on the action inside the cage…

Thanks for taking the time out with me Robbie. Firstly, congratulations on your hard fought win, what’s your thoughts on how things went tonight?

“Hey man, thank you. I think the fight went well for me, obviously I would’ve liked to have gotten the finish but I hit him damn hard and he only went down the one time so it’s a testament to the guys toughness. I believe I fully deserved to have my hand raised at the end of the fight, the 1st and 2nd rounds being mine with him, regrettably, taking the 3rd”

So, break down the fight for us. Any improvements you wish to make into your next bout?

“Well, in the 1st round I was feeling confident and loose, I tend to have my hands lower than my coaches would probably like me to. Whether this is because of my karate background as a child or because I like to goad people in and counter, I don’t know. In one instance he had just caught a front kick of mine and I planted my feet back too squarely and got caught with a well placed and timed overhand right that I didn’t see coming which knocked me off balance. I wasn’t rocked or dazed but could have been in trouble if so, as you can imagine I’m not happy with that so I’ll going into future bouts with a lot more awareness of my position”

You clearly enjoy being in the cage and competing, what’s next for Robbie Nicholson?

“I loved every minute of being in the cage, as I’m sure you will be able to tell by the stupid smile wiped across my face in the video, there’s just nothing else like it. For the future I’ll go back with my coaches, analyze my fight and start training again as soon as possible”

Thanks for your time Robbie, as always who would you like to thank?

“Thank you to my coaches and teammates putting me through what’s necessary every night in training and also congratulations to Dean Williams and Will Welch for their impressive submission victories!”



GPUK Robbie

One of the many left hooks Robbie landed on the night











Well done to Robbie, now improving to 2-2. We all look forward to seeing him back in action soon. Look out for his fight video being posted in the next few days.