Junior and Teen Competition Team

Please spend a little time browsing through the information about joining our junior and teen competition team.


Joining and competing on our junior and teen competition team:

Step 1: Increased Training

This step is simply increasing your training in preparation for competition. This is a highly skilled sport and time needs to be spent on the mats getting better.

For Interclub level we expect a minimum of 2 x sessions a week plus sparring. We advise more if possible!

For decision bouts we would expect 4 x sessions a week plus sparring minimum. 

Step 2: Watch and Interclub

This step is to visit and Interclub competition with us and experience the competition environment first hand.

This will give your child or teen a good idea if competing is something they wish to pursue. 

If they would like to push forward they will move onto the next step.

Step 3: Competing at Interclub

This step is moving onto competing at Interclub bouts. We attend these as a team, where you will be matched with someone from a different gym and have a bout.

The bouts are non decision so are a great way to gain valuable experience before moving on. These are no headshot bouts.

Expect to attend many of these competitions before moving onto decision bouts.

Step 4: Competing at Decision Bouts

This step is moving onto the decision bout competitions. These are usually regional shows that are held all over the north west.

They are ticketed shows that can be attended by supporters and there will be a winner and loser. These are no headshot bouts.

These matches are skilled bouts so dedication is a must!

Step 5: Moving onto our Adult Competition Team

The final step will be when they reach 16 and move onto our adult competition team to compete under the full unified amateur rules.

If you would like to become part of the competition team fill out the info below and we will get you started:

Junior and teen comp team
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