This weekend we have three members of our Competition Team going down to Leicester for their respective bouts on Fight Light T.C 4.


Luke Begley vs Josh Plant – 84KG

Luke Begley

First up our very own Luke Begley is set for action on the card fighting at 84KG against Josh Plant from Impact MMA. The “Beardy Brawler” has been with us for over a year now and thoroughly enjoys learning, training and working hard each session at 12 Gauge. “Beggars” striking and wrestling has come on massively these past 6 months and is now set to showcase this in his first bout.

Luke had this to say when I spoke to him about his upcoming match..

“I’m feeling strong and ready to go. I’m expecting a battle this weekend but I’m confident that this is my win. Thanks to my coaches Matt and Simon and to all the guys in the gym who have been working hard with me in preparation for this. I’m ready to go in”


Tina Kimber vs Michelle Page – 53KG


Second up is one of our female members of the Competition Team, Tina Kimber. She will be competing in a 53KG bout against Michelle Page from Gorilla Fight Team. Tina has recently been competing in a few interclubs and is ever present at 12 Gauge in both the Progression and Athlete classes giving her all into everything she does. Fast hands and a never say die attitude are brought to every fight and every session she is involved in.

I asked Tina earlier today what her thoughts were on this weekend and what she expects..

“I am very excited to get in the ring with Michelle, she’s got good energy and I expect it to be a fast paced fight. Personally I feel I’ve done everything possible to prepare for this and I am 100% stepping in there and going for the win. I’d just like to thank my coaches and my team for pushing me and putting up with me. I can not wait to perform on the night”


Cameron McDonald vs Callum Abell – 65KG


The last of our warriors on this weekend’s card is Cameron McDonald. Aged 16 years young, Cam is competing at 65KG in his first fight on the promotion. The cousin of current Competition Team member and Assistant Coach Luke Ryder, Cam brings lightning quick striking and a well rounded game into this bout and will no doubt be looking to impress and show what he can do.

This weekend looks set to be a fantastic night for Team 12 Gauge. Three well rounded fighters going in and looking for the wins. If you have your tickets, get down and lets support our team.