Adults MMA Online Induction

Please spend a little time browsing through the online induction for our Adult MMA program. This will help you understand our programs and introduce you to everything we have to offer!


Below is the most important information you will need to know after watching our induction video above!

What Equipment will I need?

For our Adult MMA program you will need appropriate training clothing as well as your own pair of MMA gloves, Shin Pads, Gum Shield and Groin Guard (males only).

We have a success kit available which is the best way to get you started it includes shorts, T-shirt, MMA Gloves, Shin Pads, Groin Guard and Gum Shield

These can be purchased here, on the APP or at reception.

Cost is £99 (10% discount off individual prices) or £90 (women’s pack minus groin guard)

What days are the classes?

For MMA classes they are on:

Monday 7pm and 8pm MMA Cage Wrestling Rounds

Wednesday 7pm and 8pm MMA sparring rounds

Sparring sessions can not be attended until ok’d by the coach and you must have your own correct protective equipment. Including gloves, gumshield, shin pads and groin guard (males only). Please ensure the gloves are a minimum 8oz MMA sparring glove.

What days do you close during the year?

We are closed:

All bank holidays

Easter Weekend Friday to Monday

Christmas for 2 Weeks

We do announce these dates via text message and email over the year to remind all our members. 

We are open throughout all school holidays unless they clash with the above days.

How will you contact me and how can I contact you?

We will contact you via text message and email, please ensure you keep these regularly upto date so as not to miss any of our communications.

You can contact us via:

e – info@12gaugemma.com

t – 0161 494 9191

Via our member APP messaging

What is my membership information?

Our membership options are:

1 x session a week £37 per month

2 x sessions a week £59 per month

Unlimited Sessions a week £89 per month

If at anytime you want to alter payment dates or upgrade please speak to the front desk and they can arrange that for you.

All our memberships are a direct payment that re-occurs every month, if you wish to cancel your membership we require 30 days notice that can be give via contacting us or speaking to the front desk.

We do offer the ability to freeze a membership for the maximum of a 3 month period. We only accept injury, ill health and periods of travel longer than 4 weeks for membership freezes.

How do I compete and do I have to compete?

If you would like to compete see the section further down on this page and follow the link there. 

Competition is a personal choice and it is not necessary at all to compete to take part in our MMA program. Many people train in these classes to learn effective self defence, get fitter and more.

MMA Grading and Code of Conduct

Below you will find the grading structure for our MMA program. We hold gradings and assessments every 3 months usually in the months: March, June, September and December.

The 4 weeks running upto a grading we will assess all students in class to see if they are ready for the next grade on the program. If we feel you are ready you will receive an invite via email, text and the app where you can book your slot.

General Academy Code of Conduct

- No shoes on the mats
- No food on the mats
- Please respect others in the waiting area
- Please respect any classes or private lessons being taught
- Please respect all members of staff and the coaching team
- Parents please allow the coaches to coach

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