Adult Competition Team

Please spend a little time browsing through the information about joining our competition team. It is separated into information for competing in MMA then BJJ and finally Kickboxing.


Joining and competing on our MMA competition team:

The 5 steps on the pathway to competition:

Step 1: Competition Preparation Training

This step is simply increasing your training in preparation for competition. This is a must! For Interclub level competition we expect:

2 X MMA sessions a week including the sparring sessions

1 x Grappling session a week

1 x Striking session a week

We advise training more than this if possible!

Step 2: Interclub Competitions

This step is the first step into competition. Here you will accompany us as a team to the Interclub competitions we attend.

These matches are no winner experience bouts. They are the first place we get all of our potential athletes competing to gain valuable experience.

Interclub are held several times a year, and we will expect for you to attend a few of these before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Amateur Competitions

This step is when you will move onto decision bout contests. These competitions are taken more seriously so your training will need to increase from the minimum in step 1 if you have not already done so. 

You will be matched against a specific opponent at a weight class and compete on one of the regional shows in front of a crowd.

Be prepared to be asked to sell tickets by the promoter for these matches as they are a full night time show.

Step 4: Amateur Championship Belts

This will be the final step on the amateur ladder before moving on. You will be matched in title fight contention against high quality opposition. These bouts will get you noticed before moving onto the pro ranks.

Training for these will be intense, we will want you to be attending fighter sessions if you are not already doing so.

Proper planning and gameplan implementation will happen at this level to prepare you for the pro levels.

Step 5: Professional Competitions

This is the final step of the process and where the dedication and training is at its highest.

To compete at this level you must have an extensive amateur record gaining many rounds of experience before hand.

Pro level we will expect full training plan including sports psychology, nutrition plan and strength and conditioning plan. You will be given full help and guidance on this.

If you would like to become part of the competition team fill out the info below and we will get you started:

BJJ and Kickboxing Competitions

BJJ Competitions

BJJ competitions can be entered at any point by our members. The competitions are broken into weight divisions, age divisions and belt divisions. 

We advise training a minimum of 3 times a week plus rounds of rolling to compete in BJJ.

Competitions are usually an online registration form filled in by the participant. Some of our local comps are BJJ 247, Allstars and Empire.

If you would like some guidance and advise on BJJ competitions please come and speak to one of our coaches and they will be happy to help get you started.

Kickboxing Competitions

For kickboxing competitions we advise 3 times a week training plus sparring. You will take part in no decision interclubs to begin with very similar to MMA. 

Once you have built up some experience we can then look to get you full contact k1 style kickboxing bouts on a regional show.

If this is something that interests you please speak to one of the coaches and they will be happy to help get you started.

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